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Much time has passed since the millennia-old Empire of MU lost complete and utter control over the Continent. As the power of Mus central government continued to wane, feudal lords became engrossed and engaged in...Read More
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Max Stats!
Max Stats now are 32767! Its for PVP balance,because 65k is overpowerated !
Posted by extramu on 1 July, 2014


All Votes are RESETED !

Best Voter of the month will get extra prize

Those who dont receive credits : Before vote log in webshop,and then vote ! When you are voting,wait for redirect from page to your account


Posted by extramu on 1 July, 2014

For fastmu players
For Fastmu players - server migrate to Extramu  Donators will receive their credits ! Write -,our skype - eextramu
Posted by extramu on 29 June, 2014

New beggining !

Because of hackers and dupers server made acc del ! Now is new version,so you need to register and download client again ! For Donators who donated in Paypal last 2 months,credits will be returned

Full Client -!mZlAGZjL!keqdKIv0Ssjksae_-Nxmx83WX_yd8HpAenIGoLUPYdo 

Posted by extramu on 28 June, 2014


Skype support - eextramu

Report dc hackers to -

Posted by eextramu on 9 June, 2014

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